Aam Papad sushi with Rosey Nuty filling

It’s my new indian version of typicall japanese sushi with seasonal item.
Choice of ingredients Easily available mango,and dry dates in all groceries Shop.

6-8 piece dry soaked dates
1/2cup nuts(almond,cashew,pine, walnut)
1tbsp rose syrup
2tbsp dry coconut powder
Some Aam Papad sheets

1tbsp seed(flax,pumpkin,melon)

For Nuty rosey filling
Soak the dry dates in half cup water for 6-7 hours and then remove seed and cut the slice.
In a bowl add nuts,dry fruits,and dates then mix it well
Add honey in it then for binding.
Then add rose syrup for rosey flavour .

Know assamble
Place the aam papad on plane surface and put some filling on it and roll it tightly so that the filling not come out.
And then cut the aam papad Sushi with sharp knife and serve it with mango cubes,mint leaf,rose leaf.

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