Enjoy this Sweet Lasagna in fast also

1cup water chestnut flour
1/2cup melted jaggery
1cup milk
1tbsp soaked,grinded paste of samak rice
2tbsp paneer
2tbsp crush jaggery
1tsp fresh grated haldi
Some dry fruits
3tbsp chopped apple
1tbsp pomegranate seed

Make a sweet batter with adding of flour, melted jaggery water and whisk it properly and make sure there is no lumps in it.
Now the n another pan add milk,rice paste,grated paneer,and fresh turmeric in it. And mix it well and in last add jaggery in it you can also add regular sugar in it.
Now wait it for 4-5 min let’s milk reduce.
Now assemble the glass with small pieces of sweet lasagna sheet and cheesey pudding,and some apple,and pomegranate seed on top.

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