Massive Explosion rocks capital of lebnan

Lebanon trembles with devastating blast

In the central region of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon a huge blast triggered off in a port warehouse where highly explosive material was stored. The blast leads to the killing of 78 people and injury to nearly 4,000.


The explosion trembled the whole city. The shockwaves flattened much of the port, damaging buildings and produced a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. Within hours after the blast, ambulances rushed to carry away the wounded and the army helicopters flew to help contain battle fires raging at the port. However, the death tolls are expected to rise.  Ammonium nitrate an odourless crystalline substance commonly used as a fertiliser in the field has been found to be the root cause of the Beirut explosion as stated by the Lebanese authorities. Ammonium nitrate has found to be involved in numerous industrial explosions over the decades.

World Reaction

The world poured in their condolences among all Gulf nations were the first to react. Qatar and Kuwait promised to send the field hospital. Chief of countries like Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Iran, Syria, Russia, France, Britain, USA expressed their hearty condolences and extended aid to support. Unusually, a neighbouring country Israel which it is still technically at war with Lebanon also offered humanitarian aid to support. Antonio Guterres the U.N. chief while mentioning the horrific explosions in Beirut injured some United Nations personnel expressed his deepest condolences.

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