Non bake cheena cheesecake


1/4cup Soaked almonds
1/2cup cottage cheese
1/3cup cashew nuts
2tbsp rose syrup
2tbsp powder sugar
1/2cup mango
Some apricot,mint.

For more easy way to learn watch YouTube video.

Soak the almonds for 1-2 hours and then peel the skin.
Make a fine paste of cheese,almonds,and cashew.
Then mix all the ingredients and add sugar powder,rose syrup and combine it well.
Now make a ring mold with aluminium foil and then place a mold in plate and add cheesecake.
And place in refrigerator for 30min for properly set.
Then add chop mangoes on top layer and then decorate with mint,apricot,silver paper.
Your non bake chenna cheesecake is ready.

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