Tri colour crumbled cake sponge

🇮🇳1 1/2cup refined flour(maida)
🇮🇳1/2cup sugar
🇮🇳1/4cup curd
🇮🇳1tsp baking powder
🇮🇳1/2tsp baking soda
🇮🇳1/2cup milk
🇮🇳1tbsp vinegar
🇮🇳1tsp vanila,orange, cardamom essence
🇮🇳Few drops of food colour (orange,green)

🇮🇳Firstly mix all dry ingredients and sieve it for three times except sugar.
🇮🇳Mix oil,sugar properly with wisker then add curd, vinegar and mix it well again.
🇮🇳Add dry ingredients and milk and mix it gradually.
🇮🇳Divide cake portion in three parts.
🇮🇳In first part add Orange colour and orange essence,in second add green colour and cardamom essence,in third add vanilla essence and mix it slightly.
🇮🇳Add batter in containers. And microwave it for 4-5min.or you can also steam this in steamer for 7-8min.
🇮🇳Know use this tri colour sponge cake for different dishes.

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