Tri coloured crumbled mousse

1cup whipped cream
3tbsp melted white chocolate
2tbsp Orange cake
2tbsp green cardamom cake
2tbsp white Vanilla cake
Few drops of food colour (orange,green)
Some sprinkles,dry friuts.

Firstly make crumble of cakes,there recipe is already uploaded you can check it also.
Take whipped cream in three different portions.
In 1st one add orange color and 1tbsp choclate
In 2nd one add green color and chocolate.
In 3rd one Just add choclate,And mix it well.
Now add mousse in piping bags.
Take a glass in base add green crumble and add green mousse,add next white layer,then add orange layer.
Decorate it with some sprinkles,dry fruits and keep it in a fridge for 20-25min and then serve it .

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